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About Me

Amanda Bevan-LeGrow - Owner/Operator


Hi!, I'm Amanda

I have always loved being in the kitchen. From a young age I can remember spending time in the kitchen with my grandma & mom. I loved learning the tricks to making the perfect baked goods. As I grew up, baking became a creative outlet for me while working full time in television broadcasting. 

Cupcakes quickly became my passion, and it wasn't long after that, that I decided to turn my passion into a business. As a self taught baker I am always striving to learn and perfect my craft - trust me, my husband loves the days when I'm "just trying out something new!"

Working with clients is something that I enjoy doing. I love being able to take their vision and make it a reality. From completely crazy themes to keeping it simple, everyone comes to me with an idea, and my goal is to make your event perfect with my sweets. 

My Space

I run my business out of a fully licensed and health inspected kitchen. 

In 2020, my husband and I purchased our first house together, and it was like it was meant to be, there was a secluded room in the basement that has since been transformed into my little cupcake oasis. 

After much hard work and dedication from family and friends, I am now so happy that the kitchen is complete and ready for me to bake away in! 

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